Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Introducing Sparta's Blaze of Glory!

Welcome to Blazie's first post!

Blazie is Pink Girl from our 2012 Kyrie/Piston litter. She is a smooth-coat (like her momma) grey sable with a happy, feisty medium temperament. We hope you will enjoy reading about her adventures as much as we will enjoy raising her!

In late May of 2012 our girl Kyrie delivered six healthy little balls of fuzz. But six weeks later, we were forced to spay our girl to save her from a possible life-threatening uterine infection. :( There was nothing for it but for us to keep one of the two little girls to keep Kyrie's line alive. It was a hard choice...but really, could you have resisted that face? We sure couldn't!

Blazie was rated Breed quality at her Litter Evaluation. She is very like her momma Kyrie...she certainly has her brains! She aced the maze at her LER. She was very submissive and gun sure. As you can see above, she is also a chewing maniac--that's an adult dog bone!

You'll can follow the progress of all of Blazie's littermates (and see them when they were just little babies, too!) by going to our Kyrie/Piston litter blog at We hope that Blazie will qualify for our breeding program, but she has a long road to get there! In the meantime we hope that you will enjoy following her progress. :)

Thanks for reading, everyone!!