Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blazie at Ten Weeks!

Welcome to our Blazie at ten weeks update! Above, Blazie showing off her show-ring trot! We're hoping to enter her in some shows this fall--we can't wait to see how she does!

Blazie has been getting lots of outside play-time with her momma Kyrie and our boy Leo this week! Running around the yard with them is good for her developing muscles and bones, and thankfully it's been a little nicer out lately. :) Below, check out Kyrie's huge happy face because she gets to play with Blazie!

Blazie: "I love you, mom!"

Mother and daughter. :)

Leo: "Where is that puppy? I heard she likes frisbees..."

Here I come!

Hey, wait for me!

Hi Leo!!

Can I have that?

No way, puppy! This is MY frisbee!

My favorite for puppies!

See? Told you all the frisbees were MINE!

DAAAAaaaAAAD! Leo took all the frisbees!!

Oh, fine. I guess we can share.

HAH! Who has your frisbee now, big dog?!?

Yay, frisbee. :)

Thanks for reading, everyone! We'll have a twelve weeks update in a couple weeks! :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Blazie's EARS!

At nine and a half weeks, Blazie's ears went up!!

They are in what we like to call the "praying ears" position. :) As the cartilage strengthens, and after she is done teething (around six months) they should stand up normally. For now, however, they are just terribly cute!

Boing boing boing says's hard to get a non-blurry photo of pups at this age, they are always moving!

Got an itch--Mom, why are you taking a picture of me when I look so silly?!

This is a good sniffy spot...and everyone can see my pretty silver coat.

Mom says I have pretty good reach, even if it is blurry.

What?? Oh, the ear? Don't worry, it'll go back up. It's just got a mind of its own. Kind of like me!

Another look at the dingo-face...

Mom says this would be a good stack if I didn't have my nose on momma Kyrie's butt!

Well this photo is a little older, so the ear isn't quite up...just assume it's waving goodbye! ;)

Thanks for reading, everyone!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Blazie at Nine Weeks!

Blazie turned nine weeks old on Tuesday! Her ears have crept up to the top of her head and are trying to stand. :) One was up this morning, but it went down again!

Above is what we call "the dingo face"! Blazie loves a nice cool patch of green grass in this Texas heat.

This week the pups got to play with the big dogs in the back yard. Come on, Leo, play with us!

Frisbees are fun...

Blazie's brother Baker flew to his new home in upstate New York on Thursday. He will be living with Jessica Strauss of Strauss Haus Shepherds. We hope he will pass all his testing with flying colors so he can serve as her next stud dog!

A couple last photos before he left. Sparta has an empty nest!

Mom told me that this big fluffy galoot might be my new boyfriend someday...

Pbbbt! No thanks! Boys are yucky!

Thanks for taking a look, everyone!!