Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blazie at the IABCA Fort Worth Show!

This September the IABCA held their first show in Fort Worth, Texas! We were very excited to finally have a show that we could attend held "in our back yard" so to speak. :) Zak and I went together and we took Blazie. Though Zak did not bring his camera, the professional photographer at the show got some nice shots of our girl.

Above, the best stacked photo we got of Blazie! Below, Blazie struts her stuff in the show ring. The show was in a large arena that often hosts horse events. Though the floor was dirt, it was well-packed and gave excellent traction for achieving a nice flying trot!

Blazie completed her National and International Adult Championships with IABCA at this show. She also got a point toward her adult Championship by earning herself a first place in Herding Group under judge Mike Loller! The show photographer had a very nice set-up so we had Blazie pose for some photos. She didn't really want to stretch out standing up on that silly podium, though!

All told from this show Blazie earned:

4 Best of Breed

1 Herding Group first place (earning her another point toward her official ISSR Shiloh Championship)

1 Herding Group second place

3 Herding Group third places

AND she won the Rare Breed Adult Reserve Best in Show!!

We hope you will join us in congratulating Blazie and that you've enjoyed the update. :) Thanks for reading!