Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blazie in Santa Fe!

Earlier this month Zak and I took off for a vacation to see our friends in Santa Fe--and we brought Blazie along with us!

We stayed in a very nice hotel. Santa Fe is a very dog-friendly city, and Blazie charmed everyone she met--guests and employees both! She did fantastic in the hotel room. The Hotel Santa Fe will even get one of the employees to dog-sit for you if you ask!

Blaze had all sorts of new experiences exploring the city with us. :) All the mountain and desert smalls were new to her, and the hotel was the busiest we have stayed at! She saw a train for the first time (very loud!), sat with us at a restaurant, and stayed with friends who were strangers to her while Zak and I socialized and went out to dinner. Once, as we were walking to the 2nd Street Brewery for lunch, a little boy (maybe all of four years old) we met on the street walked up to Blaze, opened her mouth and looked inside! Plainly that kid is going to grow up to be a lion tamer! Blazie stood for it, though she sure did look surprised!

The only complaint our girl had: This city needs more grass! It was very odd doing "business" on gravel! ;)

Above, Blazie and Zak posing at the Santa Fe Railyard! This area is surrounded by galleries and restaurants. Trains run right through the square! Below you can see the tracks, with the mountains in the distance. While we were eating a train started up and passed by us only about a hundred feet away! Blazie was startled at first but calmed down quickly once the very loud monster didn't make a move toward us. :)

While Zak and I were out to dinner Blazie stayed with our friend Raya at her house. Below is the view from her back deck. Blaze had a better view of the mountains than we did at the restaurant!

All in all Blazie did wonderful on her first vacation with us. She is such an easy dog, and a joy to travel with. Our friends fell in love with her! We think that Santa Fe probably hasn't seen the last of Blazie!

Thanks for reading, everyone!!