Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blazie At Six Months!

We just put up an update over at Blazie's litter blog ( but we had a lot more photos so I thought I would put them up over here. :) Welcome to Blazie at six months old!!

Blazie loves fall and usually has a leaf in her mouth...and the cooler weather is great to run around in!

It's tough to tell how a pup will turn out at eight weeks, but lately we are very happy with Blazie's movement, especially her reach! She has an easy, floating gait that we are hoping will mean she will do well in the show ring. :) She's not moving much faster than a walk in these shots so you can imagine how well she can extend when she's really in motion!

Lately Blaze is in that awkward stage where she is all legs and ears! In fact her ears are so tall right now that we have taken to calling her "Bunny". She mostly ignores us and would like to inform her fans that she is sure that she will grow into her ears eventually!

We hope you've enjoyed these pictures of our not-so-little girl (she is 25" and 60 pounds at just under six months!). Thanks for reading, everyone!!

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