Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blazie's First Show!!

Blazie had her first show this weekend! We are attending the Glen Rose, TX IABCA show, and as you can see above, Blazie has some news! Read on to find out what that giant ribbon is for... ;)

First off, Blazie decided upon arrival in the arena that my chair was obviously meant to be hers. She climbed right into it and got so comfortable there that I just nabbed another chair for me and let her have it! We didn't even get her crate out of the car. She was so happy there that she even fell asleep!

Blazie: "Mom, this is MY chair! You get another one!"

Blazie: "Soooo's hard work being an award-winning show puppy!"

Blazie's brother Aslan (formerly Brownie) came also, and we finally got some new photos of him!

A quick standing shot--hard to get! Aslan is always on the move!

A nice outdoors shot. Yes, his fur is really reddish! I think he got his grandpa Warba's coloring. :)

In the ring for Herding Group...yes, Blazie is ashamed to say that in Show 2 she was beaten by a BOY! Yuck! ;)

Both pups came away with many admirers (and a few more people who have decided that the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd is the dog for them!). And with cuteness like this, could you blame them?!

So on to results. :) In Show One, under Judge Juliann Bitter, Blazie was the only Shiloh, so she went Best of Breed, plus Best of Breed Bred-by-Exhibitor. However, she went on to take TWO GROUP FIRSTS--both in regular and in Bred-by-Exhibitor Herding Groups! She beat enough dogs in both Herding groups to get a total of four points toward her puppy Championship, including a three-point major!

And when the dust settled at the end of the day, husband and wife Judges Pat and Nelson Huber decided that Blazie deserved further recognition--and she came away with a large purple Reserve Best In Show rosette!!

Blazie being examined...

The lineup for Best In Show! Note that the German short-haired pointer in front of Blazie is a few days short of a year old...and Blaze is almost as big!

Got that ribbon!!

Dog shows are hard work, and there's a lot going on, especially for 15-week-old pups! Both of them completely crashed when we got back to "camp" and we took them back to the hotel soon after. Tomorrow we have two more shows...we'll hope to score a couple more photos and maybe another ribbon! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

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