Friday, September 7, 2012

Blazie at Twelve Weeks!

We're a little late with this update so I'll skip the chat and jump right in with the photos! ;) I have taken a lot of pictures over the last couple weeks...AND I just got a new camera so you can look forward to even more!

First off, you've probably noted that Blazer is just full of personality. Here are some of her favorite expressions!

Serious Blazie:

Silly Blazie:

Perplexed Blazie:

The stand:

The auto-stack!

What's in the grass??

Blazie and Leo:

Blazie and Momma Kyrie. Wait up, Momma!

I love you, mom...

Blazie brings her bone!

Blazie taking a rest...

And Blazie just being her super-cute self!

Thanks for reading, everyone!!

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